We have been really lucky and worked with some great musicians - most have been fun - some have been a real pain in the ass

We provide band transport, runners production crew anything you need - send us an email
We have vans, cars, limos, trucks, and even motorcycles - if we don't got it you don't want it!

I had a chat with Slash after the show It took three days to build the Bon Jovi stage       I took Ringo Starr to the John Lennon wall, what an emotional moment


  prague airport transfers George Clinton idn Prague
Waiting for some crew backstage at Springsteen   Robby Krieger the guitarist from The Doors June 2011    George Clinton -The prime Minister of Funk June 2011 


October 2013 SUEDE
Band Transport

October 2013 Jo La Tengo
Band Transport

October 2013 Holmes Brothers
Band Transport

9 October 2013 Ten Years After
Band Transport

25 June 2013 Bon Jovi
Production/Crew Transport

23 June 2013 My Bloody Valentine
Band Transport

17 June 2013 Portishead
Band Transport

11 February 2013 Slash
Band Transport

29.December 2012 Ten Years After
Band Transport

30 November 2012 The Cranberries
Band Transport

29 November 2012 Kris Kristofferson
Band Transport

3 November 2012 KEANE
Band Transport

Dead Can Dance October 2012
Band transport

Nazareth September 2012
Band transport

Bruce Springsteen July 2012
Production transport

KOSHEEN March 2012
Band transport

The Doors June 2011
Band Transport June 2011

Ringo Starr June 2011
Production transport and I also took Mr Starr and his Tour Manager on a city tour - I took him to the John Lennon wall - he did not know it existed here - and it was a very emotional experience, for me at least!

Prague City Festival June 2011
Production transport

George Clinton June 2011
Band transport

Prague Quadrennial June 2011
Guest and production transport

Sonisphere June 2011
Iron Maiden production

PortionPack Europe Marketing Event March 2011
Participant transport

Cirque de Glace Czech Tour February 2011
Production transport

Vanessa Mae October 2010
Production Prague and Ostrava

Goldfrapp October 2010
Production and band transport

Rock for People July 2010
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 7th year)
Muse, The Prodigy, Morcheeba and 9 other bands.

Green Day June 2010
production and crew transport

Massive Attack June 2010
production and crew transport

Bela Fleck and the Original Flecktones November 2009
Band transport

Radiohead August 2009

Faith no More August 2009

Morrissey July 2009
Production and catering transport

Rock for People July 2009
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 6th year)
Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Bloc Party

Jethro Tull June 2009
Band Transport

          He is coming back November 4 2006!


Jethro Tull November 2008
Band Transport

James Blunt October 2008
Production and catering transport

Rock for People July 2008
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 5th year)
The Offspring
, Kaiser Chiefs,  Massive Attack and 14 other bands

The Blind Boys of Alabama May 2008
Production and catering transport

Eric Sardinas Band March 2008
Production and catering transport

Duke Robillard March 2008
Production and catering transport




We also provided transportation for Sir Elton John and his band June 20 - 22, 2005.

Get Down!!

Mr. James Brown with Russell (producer) and Chris in 2004
(we also provided transport for him in 2006)
     We also provided transport to Chuck Berry during his visit in 2005, but I didn't get any pictures!




Chick Corea and Béla Fleck - November 2007
Prague concert Transport

Värttinä - November 2007
Band transport

Staropramen SmíchOff Summer September 2007
Band transport

Music in the Park
Lauryn Hill, Blood Sweat & Tears, Courtney Pine and 10 other bands
July 2007

Rock for People July 2007
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 4th year)
The Killers
, Basement Jaxx,  The Hives and 12 other bands

The Glenn Miller Orchestra April 2007

James Brown October 2006

Rock for People (largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 3rd year) July 2006
Band transport -

Rock for People 2004, 2005 - Band transportation

Basement Jaxx singers and me!

Sorry about the shirt!

Moby was here for his Hotel promotional tour

It was a long day...

Hugh Cornwell & The Stranglers came to Prague for the 15th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution


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