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Czech Registration No 70775613

The speedy low-cost way to get to and from Ruyzne Airport!


"The transfer was so easy to arrange and as promised our driver was waiting for us. He did look as though he had just left a building site and his car was not as clean as we had hoped but he was very friendly and informative and a safe driver. The return transfer was excellent. The driver arrived ten minutes before we were due to be collected just as we were checking out of the hotel and he was just as informative and interested about our short trip to Prague. His vehicle was very clean and he was also a very safe driver. I would definitely recommend you again to anyone who was traveling to Prague as the no hassle fixed charges are easy to deal with and the drivers are very pleasant. Thanx again."

M & Mrs McBrierty & Mrs Robinson michelle@rhclaw.co.uk 08.12.2004


Sorry, that was Charlie.
He is a true Bohemian and I must admit he does appear disheveled at times but his car is usually clean!
He only works for us part time, here he is at his main job

Charlie the builder

we now call him Bob!