17th Deloitte Prague Cup

It is so good to see you all coming back!

We are very fortunate to provide you with airport transfers again.

Please use the booking form you can see above this page.


1 - 4 people: CZK 700 or EUR 28.00

5 - 7 people: CZK 950 or EUR 38.00

8 - 11 people: CZK 1650 or EUR 64.00

12 - 14 people: CZK 1900 or EUR 74.00

15 - 19 people: CZK 2600 or EUR 111.00

20 - 24 people: CZK 3300 or EUR 128.00

Please pay cash upon arrival or you may pay by card in advance  BUT I must send you a link

When you book, please book under the name of the person who is responsible for paying and we will have a sign with their name on it. Please, also in the comments write your team name. You will be given meeting instructions after you book. We may put you with another group if they come off the same plane and are going to the same hotel to save you some money.

PLEASE PLEASE, I beg of you, be sure only one team member books your transport in Prague.

RECEIPTS. We will email you a receipt after the event if you need/want one. Please let me know the pertinent details