Band Transport

WOW! We worked with some cool bands, I must say. It is 2022 and the season is really looking good, KISS, GUNS N ROSES, Rammstein and many more...

2019 we worked Def Leppard, Ed Sheeran, KISS, Mettalica and my favorite ZZ TOP


We did a lot in 2017 & 2018 AC/DC, ZZ TOP, Andre Rieux, Mirielle Matthieu, Hans Zimmer, Cirque du Soliel and more but, I just have just been too lazy to update this page!

Ennio Moricone January 2017
Artist and Production transport

Elton John November 2016
Production transport

Justin Bieber October 2016
Production transport

21 Pilots November 2016
Artist and Production transport

Paul Simon October 2016
Production Transport

The Cure October 2016
Production Transport

DIE ATWOOD August 2016
Artist and Production Transport

Rhianna July 2016
Production Transport

Paul McCartney June 2016
Production transport

Hans Zimmer June 2016
Artist and Production transport

Charles Aznavour April 2016
Artist and Production transport

Ennio Morricone January 2016
Artist and Production transport

Madonna November 2015
Production Transport

Scooter November 2015
Band Transport

Body Count June 2015
Band Transport

Katy Perry February 2015
Production Runner

Ennio Morricone February 2015
Artisit Transport

Goran Bregovic transport to Bratislava February 2015
Artisit Transport

Reading Law January 2015
84 students transport for

Newcastle Theatre Group
43 members for

Mud Morganfield December 2014
Artist Transport

One Republic December 2014
Band Transport

Lady Gaga October 2014
Production and Crew runners

Pharrell Williams September 2014
Production runner

Metallica Aerodrome Festival July 2014
Production runner

European Study Abroad Center June and July 2014
Student transport

Justin Timberlake June 2014
Production and Catering runners

Ludovico Einaudi April 2014
Band Transport

Beth Hart March 2014
Band Transport

Booka Shade March 2014
Band Transport

Complete transport

Ten Years After 12 October 2013
Band Transport

Team Fintastic 3 August 2013
Synchronized skating team of the Helsinki Figure Skating Club

EMEA FOX TELEVISION Conference 14 July 2013
Meeting transport

CEELI 7 July 2013
Conference transport

Bon Jovi 25 June 2013
Production and Crew transport

My Bloody Valentine 23 June 2013
Band Transport

Portishead 17 June 2013
Band Transport

SAMSUNG 10 June 2013
Factory visits

DELOITTE 3 May 2013
Five a side international competition 18 teams from all over the world - our third year

HEINEKEN March - April 2013
Empolyee transport

European Study Abroad March 2013
Student transport

Slash February 2013
Band Transport

CEELI American Bar Association meeting January 2013
Conference transport

The Cranberries show 30 November 2013
Band transport

Ten Years After 29.November 2012
Band Transport

KEANE 3 November 2012
Band Transport

Kris Kristofferson 29 November 2012
Band Transport

University of Iowa October 2012
Student transport

Merck Millipore October 2012
Over 100 transfers for their company seminar

Dead Can Dance October 2012
Band transport

Samsung October 2012
Factory visits

Nazareth September 2012
Band transport

North Carolina State University July 2012
Student and staff transport

Bruce Springsteen July 2012
Production transport

European Study Abroad Center July 2012
Student transport

Deloitte Cup -  International five a side football tournament - May 2012
Over 300 participants

KOSHEEN March 2012
Band transport

U.S, Department of Justice March 2012
Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development, Assistance and Training
Training seminar, staff transport

ESPN Superbowl Prague event February 2012
ESPN staff transport

The Doors June 2011
Band Transport June 2011

Ringo Starr June 2011
Production transport and I also took Mr Starr and his Tour Manager on a city tour - I took him to the John Lennon wall - he did not know it existed here - and it was a very emotional experience, for me at least!

Prague City Festival June 2011
Production transport

George Clinton June 2011
Band transport

Villanova University June 2011
Student transport

Prague Quadrennial June 2011
Guest and production transport

Sonisphere June 2011
Iron Maiden production

Radio Free Europe May 2011
President and Board of Governors transport

HBO Central Europe Marketing workshop May 2011
Participant transport

Open University workshop May 2011
Participant transport

PortionPack Europe Marketing Event March 2011
Participant transport

Cirque de Glace Czech Tour February 2011
Production transport

ESPN Superbowl Event February 2011

CEELI Institute Conference January 2011

Participant transport

Vanessa Mae October 2010
Production Prague and Ostrava

Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue October 2010
Trips to Terezin

Goldfrapp October 2010
Production and band transport

ESPN America October 2010
NHL hockey in Prague

Radio Free Europe October 2010
Broadcast board of governors meeting

His Royal Highness The Ambassador to Pakistan  July 2010
Car with driver for two days

Sony Entertainment July 2010
Van with driver for film crew

Rock for People July 2010
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 7th year)
Muse, The Prodigy, Morcheeba and 9 other bands.

Green Day  June 2010
production and crew transport

Massive Attack June 2010
production and crew transport

Burton Group Catalyst conference June 2010
participant and organizer transport

North Carolina State University
On going student transport

Bela Fleck and the Original Flecktones November 2009
Band transport

Deloitte November 2009
Outsourcing conference

Northwood & Pinner Liberal Synagogue October 2009
Trips to Terezin, Kolin and Trebon

Radiohead August 2009

Faith no More August 2009

Morrissey July 2009
Production and catering transport

Rock for People July 2009
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 6th year)
Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks, Bloc Party

American Bar Association June 2009
Europe and Eurasia Division conference

Sun Microsystems June 2009

Jethro Tull June 2009
Band Transport

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty May 2009
Broadcast board meetings

Jethro Tull November 2008
Band Transport

James Blunt October 2008
 Production and catering transport

University of Pittsburgh Prague  October 2008
 Participant airport transfers

Burton Group Catalyst Conference October 2008
Participant airport transfers

Chippendales October 2008
Production and catering transport

Staropramen SmíchOff Summer September 2008
Band transport

Global Conference on Methamphetamine September 2008
 Participant airport transfers

Nike 10K run  August 2008

International Kickboxing Championship in Ostrava August 2008
Team England

eBay Internet Marketing Summit July 2008
Participant airport transfers

HBO July 2008
Executives to Karlovy Vary film festival

Rock for People July 2008
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 5th year)
The Offspring, Kaiser Chiefs,  Massive Attack and 14 other bands

Western Michigan University Prague Summer Program June - July 2008

ESAC student summer program June - July 2008

International Conference Solutions Ltd June 2008
40 Airport transfers for their clients

Miami-Dade County International Trade Mission May 2008
Transport  over four days

Deloitte 5 a side footie May 2008
20+ teams from all over the world!

"Big Jack" Charlton in Prague May 2008

The Blind Boys of Alabama May 2008
  Production and catering transport

Eric Sardinas Band March 2008
Production and catering transport

Duke Robillard March 2008
Production and catering transport

The Harlem Globetrotters!  February 2008
Production and catering transport

'Coca-Cola' Zero launch February 2008
Hostess transport

European Livestock Breeds Ark and Rescue Net (ELBARN), Central Workshop at Kutna Hora February 2008

Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams.- January 2008

Emma & Kierons wedding - January 2008
100+ guests; airport transfers and transport to the Zbiroh castle

ČEZ, (Czech Electric) Christmas party December 2007

JCDecaux December 2007

HBO Marketing Conference  - November 2007
Transfers and event  transport

Chick Corea and Béla Fleck - November 2007
Prague concert Transport

Värttinä - November 2007
Band transport

Becherovka -200 year anniversary October 2007
Production transport

Staropramen SmíchOff Summer September 2007
Band transport

Music in the Park
Lauryn Hill, Blood Sweat & Tears, Courtney Pine and 10 other bands July 2007

Rock for People July 2007
(largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 4th year)
The Killers, Basement Jaxx,  The Hives and 12 other bands

Karlovy Vary Film Festival July 2007
Vodafone, MTV,  X-PRESS2 feat. ROCKY & DIESEL (UK)

The Glenn Miller Orchestra April 2007

Vodafone Road Show April 2007: Brno, Pardubice and Prague from Czech Republic regions over 3000 participants over 5 days 

CEZ BTL  (Czech Electric) April 2007

ČEZ, (Czech Electric) Christmas youth parties in Prague and Decin

James Brown October 2006

Colgate Palmolive Hill's Pet Food Transport - WSAVA October 2006

Vodafone BTL October 2006 from Czech Republic regions over 1000 participants over 5 days (we have worked with them on various conferences over 3 years)

626 supporters to the Wales - Czech Republic UEFA 2006 qualifier in Teplice September 2006

Rock for People (largest Czech outdoor music festival, our 3rd year) July 2006

Siemens BTL June 2006

Anti-Aging Medicine Specialization May 12 2006

South Texas College of Law, summer program May 2006

SEND an interdenominational faith mission agency, May 2006


Mondi Business Paper, training seminar April 25 2006

Mobius Management Systems, Inc.  April 25 2006