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A family business

Honestly, thank you very much for visiting our page. My wife and I started our business in 2001 and are still at it. Many things have changed but we still provide the same friendly and flexible service. Along with airport transfers, we do day trips around the Czech Republic and we can transfer you to or from your Danube river Cruise port. We can even provide a car and driver for your trip around Europe.

Have a look at our reviews on TripAdvisor and Google and please, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!


We speak English; we drive clean, late model fully insured cars and provide great Western style service.

We will be waiting for you no matter how late your flight might be, at no extra charge.

Unlike cheaper companies we will NEVER make you share.

Up to four passengers for one fixed price to Prague center
GBP 30.00 EUR 33.00 USD 35.00 CZK 800.00
(Up to 3 passengers plus 3 standard suitcases (23kg max) or 4 passengers plus hand luggage. Saloon Car) 

5 - 7 passengers for one fixed price to Prague center
GBP 39.00 EUR 44.00 USD 48.00 CZK 1100.00

(Up to 7 passengers plus 7 standard suitcases (23kg max) plus hand luggage. Minibus)

We also have 12, 20, 29 and 50 seat buses and vans, please contact us with your requirements
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Airport transfers

Just by yourself or need a bus? We can do it all!

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School trips and Study abroad programs

UCLA, Villanova and LSU are just some of the schools we have worked with over the years

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Passau/Vilshofen Cruise Docks

We will be happy to pick you up or take you there.

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Conference and training seminars

We can provide all your transport needs from airport transfers to dinner service and city transfers

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Regensburg/Nuremberg Cruise Docks

We will be happy to pick you up at the dock or a city hotel

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Car & Driver

Need to go to a meeting or visit some places outside of town?

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Band Transport

James Brown to Sir Elton John we have worked with many artists

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Please, before you book, can you double check that maybe another member of your party has not already booked a pickup with somebody?
Also are you sure the hotel/Air BnB is not sending a car? Thanks!

If you arrive within 24 hours please see URGENT TRANSFER  to your left.

Please visit our FAQs page if you have any questions






extra hotel dropoff

some more info please


*Arrival time - IMPORTANT - sorry it is long...

We can often do transfers with very short notice - 3 - 4 hours.
You can send us a text message (or WhatsApp) from your phone to +420602395421

For Arrivals
We need to know your name, how many people will travel, arrival time, flight number and where you are coming from.
We also need to know your destination in Prague
you can send it in this format Mr Jones/2/1430/BA856/LONDON/HILTON

For Departures
We just need to know your name, how many people, pickup point, where you are going and flight time.
you can send it in this format Mr Jones/2/HILTON/LONDON/1230


Indeed, you may, we accept them no problem, see the price list page for the amount you should pay BUT we will give you change in CZK at a fair rate AND we will only accept smaller notes. We do this as a matter of courtesy so please don't give us a bunch of coins. They cannot be changed into CZK.

Only new English notes, please. We can not exchange the old ones.

A note to our Scottish clients, I regret we cannot take Scottish notes, it is really difficult to change them here and if we find a place they give a terrible rate.
Please pay in cash at the end of each trip. At the moment we are no longer taking cards in the vehicles on in advance.
At the moment you can only pay by card in advance. Please, when you confirm your transfer, just mention you want to pay by card and we will send you a secure link and then you can pay from home.

On the day please pay in CZK, EUR USD or GBP.
We track your flight on the Internet and by WAP, so we are aware if you will be arriving late. Whether you are 1 hour late or 6 hours late, we will have a driver for you at the airport.
No, unlike some companies we do not charge waiting time. Of course if your flight gets in at 0300 feel free to give your driver a BIG tip!
Per vehicle.

Usually 25 - 30 minutes but there might be traffic etc.
Sure, we will pick you up or take you to a flat, your office a restaurant - wherever you want.

Indeed we do, for free. Please let us know the weight and age of the child when you book
All of our cars are non-smoking and are air-conditioned.
Also, they meet all the safety requirements of the Czech Ministry of Transportation. Our Transportation License number is 70775613 
VW transporters, Skodas, Mecedes - Benz and Ford
Actually there are a fair few, look around

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - including holidays. BUT we only accept a limited amount of arrivals after 22.00...
Sure,  just see the booking form
You will get this information when you confirm your pickup.
No, this is a private vehicle just for you - door to door
Yes, it is. I was his driver when he was here in concert. I actually drove him to the John Lennon Wall.

That is also me with Mrs Bush too :-)

Yes, we’re happy to accommodate your animal companion! Please let us know in advance if you will be traveling with pets, including service and emotional support animals, so we can ensure there will be enough space for you, your pet, and your luggage in the vehicle. If you don’t inform us in advance, we can’t guarantee that your driver will be able to accommodate you or offer any refund. On long trips, if it is ok with clients I like to take my Yorkie :-)

We survived COVID, barely. Now we are trying to get through the highest inflation we have ever seen. If you ask for a discount I will not even process your booking. There are cheaper companies or take the bus, it is really cheap.
Although on longer trips we might if you catch me on a good day.

Sure but there may be a CZK 200,- extra charge. I am sorry about this but the city has pedestrianized a small street (a 100 metres long) and now there can be a huge (20 minutes / 4 km detour). In some cases it is faster to walk!

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