Passau/Vilshofen Cruise Docks

Transportation Passau to Prague - Prague to Passau transfers

including Vilshofen

Door to door service - we provide an English speaking non smoking driver in an air-conditioned late model vehicle.

Are you arriving on a Danube river cruise and want to get to Prague or going from Prague to Passau?

Are you staying in a hotel in Passau and want a ride to Prague?

We have been doing this trip for many years and will be honored to drive you too!

The total price :

 1 - 3 PEOPLE IS CZK 6000, EUR 245.00 OR USD 250.00*

4 - 6 PEOPLE IS CZK 7600, EUR 310.00 OR USD 315.00*


Payment is in cash at the end of the trip or by card in advance online - if you choose to pay by card there is a 2% fee.

We come right to the gangplank and ask for you it is really quite  painless!

Please note that sometime the boats dock in Vilshofen this is an extra USD 30.00, EUR 20.00

Sometimes clients like to stop in Cesky Krumlov on the way and visit the town and have lunch
this adds an hour to the drive time and clients usually stay three hours - this costs an extra USD 110.00 or EUR 95.00 


It is also possible to go to Prague via the town of Plzen and visit the  Pilsner Urquell Brewery  here you can do their tour and have lunch.
this usually takes about three hours - this costs an extra USD 115.00 or EUR 95.00 


We are very flexible and if you would like to stop for a short break we will be happy to at no charge, if  would like to stop and visit a town on the route then we charge a waiting fee - CZK 250 for a car and CZK 300 for a van.

We want to go via Plzen, is that possible?
Of course,  email us for the price

Payment is made at the end of the journey in cash in one of the three above currencies 

We do not accept cards in the vehicles but you may pay in advance online by card. I am so sorry but there is a 2% fee for this

We may ask for a deposit if you are being picked up abroad although we rarely do


Roughly how much time does the "waiting fee" buy   if we wanted to take an extended stop?  CZK 250/300 an hour

*These USD/EUR rates may change but these are from July 31, 2022.